In Association with FAPAC 'Rainbow CCTV Solutions' are offering a 10% discount to all members who purchase one of their systems. For businesses just a reminder that your security systems are normally tax deductable: Copy this address into your search bar to take you to Rainbows Website 

Update 23rd March

The members link to Folkestones CCTV Cameras went live at 08:00 on 23rd March. At this 'Folkestone CCTV' will answer specific calls and become involved in incidents as appropriate. As they gain experience it is planned that they will graduate to a control room function. To assist with this all members are asked to observe the simple 'radio disciplines' and 'etiquette' that will shortly be circulated. If you have any queries please contact your scheme coordinator directly

The New CCTV Cameras are Active. Locations are published on the News Page

UPDATE 10th February

 The Quality of transmissions has improved fantastically and we can now talk to all members without interference just about everywhere in their stores ! Check the members pages for Radio ID numbers .

Be aware of Pick Pockets !  Yell Check the sad face Link for practical advice.

The Folkestone Area Partnership Against Crime  

 is a 'not for profit' organisation forming a subsidiary of Folkestone Town Centre Management Ltd.

Who we are

FAPAC is a Crime Reduction Partnership operating shopwatch and pubwatch schemes for the benefit of local retailers, licensed premises and the public of Shepway. Our goal is to achieve a safer environment for the whole community in which to live, work and socialise. We achieved Safer Business and Safer Socialising Awards in 2012, 2011 and 2008 respectively.

What we do

  • Improve safety and security in public places and the retail environment.
  • FAPAC provides a town net radio connecting members to each other, local police and CCTV.
  • FAPAC collates and shares information, delivering a monthly a 'Intelligence report' that identifies and warns members about active offenders and their criminality, which affects quality of life and damages local enterprise. 
  • FAPAC excludes target offenders from all member premises including shops, libraries and places of entertainment.


  • Kent Police
  • Shepway Community Safety Unit
  • Association of Business Crime Partnerships
  • Individual members


  • Radio's connect members to each other and provide reassurance to vulnerable or lone workers. 
  • Radio's provide a direct link with our police and PCSO's.
  • In appropriate circumstances we can arrange for a life line phone to be fitted.
  • We engage collectively  with police, local authorities and other agencies
  • Be alert to threats 
  • Share information
  • Develop and use intelligence 
  • Be part of a supportive community
  • Improve safety and security for the whole of Shepway
  • By sharing photographs and Intelligence traders and 'service providers' warn each other of pending trouble when shoplifters, drunks or persons known for anti social behaviour are active.
  • Information that includes photographs of suspects, current offenders and excluded individuals is available 24/7 via the members area of our website.

  Membership Subscription 

This is a business cost and may be tax deductable. Speak to your book keeper or accountant.

Full Membership: £390.00 plus 20% VAT: Or Quarterly: £100.

Associate Membership. (All the benefits except use of a radio) £275.00 plus VAT at 20%.

Full membership works out at just over £1.30p per day inclusive of VAT

To join or find out more contact Folkestone Town Centre Management and ask for John Frayne - FAPAC Business Co-ordinator or Matthew DAVIDSON. Alternatively you can download a membership pack from the links below.

Tel. 01303 850 522

Documentation for New Member Application

Appendix D1 - Changes to Management and Signatories for Receipt of Confidential Information

Members Contact and Payment Details

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